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Riverview Partners Consulting also knows the Venture Capital market. We have helped to raise over $10 million for new businesses since 1999.

"Baldwin and Clarke engaged Riverview Partners and its founder, Ken Cavallaro to assist us with the evaluation, potential investment and management of over a dozen transactions. Riverview was instrumental in assisting Baldwin and Clarke with the evaluation of the products, technology and management team in companies where an investment was contemplated. Riverview continued to be involved in several companies following an investment by Baldwin and Clarke. This included advising the management team, serving on the Board of Directors or ongoing technical assistance. Baldwin and Clarke anticipates using Riverview again as situations arise."

Baldwin and Clarke Captial Markets - Venture Captial
Baldwin and Clarke Capital Markets is a thirty year old company focused on Mergers and Acquisitions, Captial Raising and Valuations of privately held companies. Baldwin and Clarke has completed over $1 Billion in transactions.

David Splaine
Managing Director

Since 1999, Riverview partners has helped launch several new businesses, working with several Venture Capital Firms who had the financial resources, but needed industry expertise. Many VC firms have Funds, but need an industry expert to help identify true opportunities. Riverview has the contacts and the experience to challenge founders and business plans and avoid risky investments.

Ken's unique corporate experience has given him the skills to offer entrepreneurial management services to companies who are bringing new products to market. Riverview's consulting services have assisted business owners and senior management with the development and execution of strategies to grow their businesses.

Having an industry consultant available as an unbiased industry expert can be a valuable tool, especially when evaluating companies whose founders are engineers. Creating a product, and bringing this product to market usually requires two different skill sets one, provided by the company is innovation, the other, provided by Riverview is strategic planning and execution. The strength of Riverview Partners is to help bring technology products to market more effectively.

Our philosophy begins with the idea of investing in people, core technology, and market opportunity while clearly keeping the exit strategy in mind.

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