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"A successful entrepreneur is measured by accomplishments, not activity" - Ken Cavallaro

Entrepreneurial Secrets - a publication by Riverview Partners.
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"I have worked with Ken for over seven years and have witnessed, first-hand, his entrepreneurial and leadership skills from start-up to full-scale business enterprise. I have been impressed with his tenacity and persistence in bringing world-class products to market and to achieve superior supplier status. His involvement with Camelot Systems, VI Technology, Juki Automation Systems and Ultrasonic Systems has been truly exceptional."

Mark Putney - President
TechSystems, Inc.

What is Riverview Partners: An Entrepreneurial Consulting & Publishing Company with more than 20 years of experience in Strategic Business Development, implementing proven entrepreneurs secrets, and operating two divisions:

The Consulting Team offers Strategic Business Development Consulting and Venture Capital services and strategies, while the Publishing Group writes on Entrepreneurial Experiences and offers newsletters on Entrepreneurism.

Both divisions are focused on the challenges and solutions of growing entrepreneurial companies.

Riverview is committed to increasing the value of a business by establishing and attaining the corporate goals of market penetration, increased sales and corporate profitability.

    Riverview Partners expertise can assist you IF YOU:

  • Have a product idea and are thinking of starting a company
  • Have already started a company and need help creating and defining the market
  • Need to create or expand a sales channel with representatives or distributors
  • Have a domestic product and want to expand internationally
  • Are an engineering company in need of sales & marketing expertise
  • Are a VC Firm and have investments in capital equipment companies
    Riverview Partners is your Entrepreneurial Advisor!
    Practical experience from a proven leader.
"Historically, eight out of ten independent companies fail in the first five years of operation. Most founders of these companies blame the economy, the products or the customer, but in most cases the company fails due to management error or oversight. Don't let this happen to your company."
     - Ken Cavallaro, Managing Partner, Riverview Partners.

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